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Most Reverend Bawai Soro Chaldean Bishop of Canada

A Short Biography of Bishop Bawai Soro


Ashur Andrius Soro was born in Kirkuk, Iraq, on March 3, 1954 and raised in Baghdad.  In 1973, Ashur entered the Assyrian Seminary in Baghdad, but a year later left with his family to immigrate to Australia, through Lebanon.  Due to the civil war in Lebanon, in April 1976, he instead settled in Chicago, IL (USA) while his family immigrated to Australia.  In 1979, he rejoined a local Assyrian clergy formation house in Chicago undergoing mentoring and priestly preparation with several Assyrian clerics.  On February 21, 1982, he was ordained a priest for Saint Mary’s Assyrian Church in Toronto (Canada).  On October 11, 1984, Father Ashur Soro was elected a bishop by the Assyrian Holy Synod to head a newly established Diocese of Western United States in San Jose, California.  On October 21, 1984, he was consecrated Bishop Bawai (Ashur) Soro.

After more than 20 years of episcopal ministry in the Assyrian Church, in March 2006, Bishop Bawai sought full-communion with Pope Benedict XVI.  On May 11, 2008, Bishop Soro and dozens of his clergy along with nearly 3,000 faithful joined the Chaldean Catholic Church, in accordance to canons 896-901 of the Oriental Code of Canons. In June 2013, the Chaldean Synod voted to accept Bishop Bawai as member in the Chaldean Holy Synod and on January 11, 2014, Pope Francis appointed him “Titular Bishop of Foraziana” in the pastoral service of the Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of Saint Peter the Apostle, San Diego.

Education: MA in Systematic Theology, Catholic University of America (1991); Doctorate in Sacred Theology, St. Thomas Aquinas Pontifical University (Angelicum) in Rome (2002).

Pastoral Services: (in the Assyrian Church of the East) Parish priest in Toronto (1982 to 1984); diocesan bishop (1984 to 2005). (in the Chaldean Catholic Church) assisting in the pastoral service of Saint Peter Chaldean Eparch (2014 to 2017).

Ecumenical Ministry: Ecumenical Officer of the Assyrian Patriarchate (1984-2005). Co-Secretary of the Mixed Committee for Theological Dialogue between Roman Catholic Church and Assyrian Church of the East (1984-2004); Member in the Central Committee of World Council of Churches (1984-1991) and Co-Chairman of “Pro Oriente Syriac Commission” (1994 – 2005), and other ecumenical tasks.

Explanation of Coat of Arms & Episcopal Motto

Most Reverend Bawai Soro
Eparch of the Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of Mar Addai in Canada


On the left panel is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whose Immaculate Heart the county of Canada was reconsecrated on September 26, 2017.


The right panel shows the Hebrew personal name for God, Yahweh, symbolized in Aramaic letters and “baptized” with the Trinitarian symbol of the three dots above and one below, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three Persons in one Godhead.


The lower panel contains the Maple Leaf, from the Canadian flag, and both the right and left upper panels have a blue background, symbolizing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans which surround the country of Canada.


The cross on the top right has ten circles, representing Good Shepherd Chaldean Cathedral and the other parishes of Mar Addai Eparchy.


The motto, John 15:15, is: “I have called you friends.” The Sacred Scriptures tell how Joshua & David, Paul & James were given the highest honor through the title “Servant of the Lord” (Joshua 24:29; Psalms 89:20; Titus 1:1; James 1:1). The idea of naming someone “friend of God” was uniquely granted to Abraham, the father of all the faithful (Isaiah 41:8; Romans 4:16). The Lord Jesus, instead of calling us servants, elevates the status of his disciples and their followers by saying “I have called you friends” (John 15:15). Bishop Soro chose as his motto “I have called you friends” to constantly proclaim the benefits of this amazing intimacy with God for the whole Eparchy, so that everyone is mindful that the Lord Christ is no longer a distant figure, but a close friend to each believer, which is something that induces confidence and conversion into the human heart.



New Year’s Greeting from Bishop Soro

Christmas Greeting from Bishop Soro

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